The STU workouts have been a great help with my sons baseball performance. Since using the STU workouts his pitching speed increased 4 mph. He is now throwing over 90 and signed with a D1 School to continue playing ball in college. Thanks so much for the great workouts!

Mike H.
Father of D1 Baseball Player

Today's baseball players are superb athletes. Professional players tend to be lean and quick. As for strength training, studies have shown that baseball-specific programs can significantly increase batting speed and hitting power as well as throwing velocity.

Shoulder injuries are a particular concern in baseball. Pitching places an inordinate amount of stress on the shoulder complex. While strength training can help to prevent such injuries, traditional weight lifting exercises may not be suitable in targeting the correct muscles or the correct movement pattern. Strength Training University workouts are specifically designed to strengthen the shoulder capsule and help to prevent throwing injuries.

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  • Get custom baseball specific workouts for year round training
  • Have access to a video library of every single exercise in the workouts
  • Be able to track your weights and reps for every workout
  • Have workouts updated every 4 weeks to keep moving forward

Benefits of STU:

  • Increase throwing speed
  • Develop more power hitting
  • Decrease shoulder injuries
  • Improve running speed

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STU offers 33 Baseball workouts.
Here is an example Baseball workout:

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Member's Feedback
I can't say enough about the workout programs I use from Strength Training U. I have never had such intense and specific workout before. I feel like a new man since using these workouts to get ready for last my few fights. Since training with Strength Training U I am back on a two fight win streak and ready to take it back to the next level.
Jen Pulver
Former UFC Lightweight Champion
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