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Our strength training programs have proven results to help you achieve your best. The Strength Training University programs were developed with the help of the Davis Speed Center program. One of the nations top sports training facilities. Davis Speed Center has helped hundreds of high school athletes receive D1 scholarships and many have gone on to play at the professional level. Most notably is Bryan Bulaga of the Green Bay Packers. A first round draft pick and now super bowl champion who used the STU programs since his freshman year of high school.

If you want to be the best, you need to use the most proven training programs available. Don't settle for basic or generic programs. Get fully customized programs for every level and season of your career!

Here's how it works -

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  5. Pick what season you are in now, off season, in season, pre season
  6. Get your customized workout routine for year round training

Some advantages of using STU -

  1. Track progress of your workouts
  2. Get updated workouts every 4 weeks
  3. Brag about your results with facebook integration

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Member's Feedback
Strength Training U workouts suck! But they are the most effective workouts I have ever done. In the last year of using STU workouts my 5 rep bench max has gone up 40 pounds, my squat max has gone up 80 pounds and my conditioning has never felt better. I have full confidence when I step into the cage that no one will be stronger or in better shape than I am.
Bart Palaszewski
IFL Champion
WEC fighter
Current UFC Fighter
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